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How do I get to the 1st page on Google?

How do you get to the first page in Google or even 1st place in the ranking?

– Page & 1st place marketing for search engines such as Google with page 1 guarantee (except regional)

The question of how to get to the 1st page in Google and achieve a first position in Google depends on numerous factors. The first point is one of the most important, because getting on page 1 regionally is not as difficult as a nationwide first placement under the desired search terms. This is due to the fact that the search term in regional searches is usually searched for together with the location, which means that there is already a double keyword.

Anyone who uses WEBJOKER's services, SEO experience and marketing will soon be able to understand for themselves that the first page is guaranteed to bring numerous new customer inquiries via Google.

Today, as in the past, the topic of acquiring new customers is number 1 for entrepreneurs. How can you do business without winning new customers. Also, one should keep in mind that the best deals are made with new customers and 

Existing customers usually make smaller sales. By acquiring new customers, you in turn increase the number of your existing customers. When acquiring new customers, you should create a wide spread. Why? Below we will explain it to you.

Is it about regional first placements in search engines or first place in Germany?

Even if you don't type in the name of the place, Google recognizes from the internet connection from which place the request comes and then assigns it automatically. So if someone is already on the first page with their Google Plus entry without having entered the location, it is because the location is automatically added by Google in the background. This often gives the misconception that one thinks one is already among the first 1 search results.

Apart from that, every company has a Google Plus (today also called Google Business), which clearly identifies the company headquarters in the respective location, which is very important for Google itself when it comes to findability. In the Germany-wide search the location is omitted so that only relevant pages appear that provide the searcher with exactly what they were looking for. This is also the modern philosophy of Google, because why should someone be on the 1st page who cannot answer all the questions about the search term?

Is there already a Google Plus (Business) entry or does it need to be created?

Every company that is newly founded and applies for a telephone connection automatically receives a Google Business listing from Google. This is due to the transmission of the data by, for example, the Yellow Pages to Google. The entry contains the same information that you gave yourself to the yellow pages, i.e. address, telephone and possibly an existing domain and the branch, whereby this is usually selected by Google and does not necessarily have to match the actual branch. However, since this is very important, it is also important to verify the Google entry and edit it or, if it does not already exist, create a new one. You can find more information about this here.

Do you have an existing website that already ranks well or on the first pages on Google, or does the homepage have to be redesigned?

Another point that plays a big role - How long has your website been around? Is this already stored in a Google Business entry? Has the website been search engine optimized according to the latest guidelines? Old pages or new homepages that are created were mostly optimized according to old guidelines or not optimized at all. So you have no chance of getting your page on the 1st Google page unless the errors are eliminated. Errors can be, for example, the following:

  • Wrong keywords on Home and the subpages (often builders write the search terms in all subpages, which is seen as duplicate content and the page is penalized and pushed to the back)
  • Incorrect description in the subpages (see above) or no description at all (search engine description)
  • Wrong title for the search engine (title tag)
  • and much more …

Because most web designers in the field Search Engine optimization laypersons, which is not to be judged negatively, the most beautiful website cannot become page number 1. This needs to be optimized professionally. And good search engine optimizers are not only expensive, they are fully booked because they work for large companies. SMEs cannot afford such investments, and certainly not without a guarantee. But no one is allowed to give them.

Google doesn't like it at all when a company owns several websites - 1st place won't be possible.

Those who do not come forward often act imprudently out of desperation. A second website is being built because you think that's the way to go. Google recognized this tool not long ago, as many companies have used it to gain competitive advantages by completely monopolizing page 2. Luckily, Google recognized this and stopped it. It was prevented that one appears with several homepages on the 1st page with the same search terms and with different websites. Google can recognize that you have been reached by many things such as telephone number, address, domain owner, IP address, etc. You won't believe how Google notices all this. So fingers away.

Reputable link building is an important tool for progress towards the 1st page in search engines

Have your homepage linked to other sites. How does it work? You offer the other a link that fits their business and brings them new customers, and you get a link from them as well (link exchange). You are already doing link building and should get ahead in search engines like Google.

Making only 1 out of several own homepages eliminates many mistakes.

Do you own several websites with similar content? Transfer deviating content to another own homepage of your choice and redirect the other domains completely to this 1. Within approx. 6 weeks you will already see the success and your own homepage should have climbed a few pages or places towards the 1st page.

If it is a question of creating a new website for your company, we are at your side here with overall concepts that do not exist elsewhere in Germany. Check ours References.

Why should SEO not neglect mobile internet use?

As early as 2015, Google officially announced that more search queries were being recorded from mobile devices than from desktop computers. This is also confirmed by current figures from the Federal Statistical Office from 2016. Those who do not pay attention to the user-friendliness of mobile devices in their SEO are now giving away more than 55 percent of potential customers worldwide. In Europe in 2017, almost 41 percent of all Internet access was with mobile devices. Almost 6,6 percent are searches from tablets. This means that mobile access can no longer be neglected in technical and content-related SEO. The proportion will continue to rise, as a look at the projections made by the network agencies for the data volume in mobile Internet use shows. In 2017, the transfer volume was still 11 exbytes per month. By 2021, the data volume per month is expected to increase to 49 exabytes worldwide.

What does this mean for technical SEO?

This change has already caused a whole new generation of websites to be developed by internet agencies and web design experts. This innovation conquered the Internet and under the technical term "Responsive Web Design". The most important principle is that all elements must adapt to the different capabilities of the displays. The maximum resolution of the displays hardly plays a role anymore, because most smartphones can now keep up with the resolutions offered by the displays for desktop computers and notebooks. However, when optimizing the web design, the display of the content on a significantly smaller area must be taken into account. As a result, fonts with serifs or fonts similar to handwriting are hardly ever used on new and relaunched websites. In addition, the arrangement and design of the menus has changed rapidly.

With technical defects, the leap to number 1 from Google does not succeed!

However, technical aspects must not be neglected. If you want to consistently stay in the top 10 of the search results provided by Google, you should ensure the shortest possible loading times. This starts with the response time of the web server and continues to the use of the browser's ability to preemptively load and render certain content. This means that the website's source code must not prohibit browsers from using the preloading and prerendering functions. 

The search engine optimization experts at the successful internet agencies also make sure that there are no programming errors in the source code. Links must be checked regularly to ensure that they are up-to-date. In the simplest case, this is possible with the tools that Google itself makes available via the Search Console.

In addition, a backlink checker is helpful. A good ranking or even a page 1 placement can suffer from bad links, which come from error-prone websites with content that may even be penetrated by malicious code. In addition, it is advisable to check the Internet for any content that fraudsters may have duplicated on their websites. Unfortunately, the use of legal remedies such as warnings and injunctions is often essential here.

Up-to-dateness plays an important role in the Google ranking and the way to the 1st page, not only with the content. The algorithms can now also read whether the software used for a website is up to date. Remaining on the 1st page of the Google SERPs is only possible if all available updates are imported promptly. This applies to the PHP versions as well as to the content management systems and all plugins used. There are also regular updates for most themes and the translation files.  

What else can a good ranking achieve?

In addition to the quality, topicality and reliability of the content, Google takes a number of other factors into account when sorting the search results, and not just on the first page. Experience has shown that it is worthwhile for companies to set up a profile on Google+ alongside their website. By storing a link to the website, such a profile helps to ensure that the content of the homepage can be found and indexed more quickly.

Additional pages on Facebook and Twitter also serve the same purpose. The user's attention can be attracted very quickly there, because the content is not only displayed in your own timeline, but can also be seen in the followers' timelines. When followers share a post, it appears on their followers' timelines. In the best case, this chain continues until the post is displayed on several hundred thousand or even millions of profiles. This procedure used in search engine optimization to improve visibility uses the so-called "snowball effect".

How can the content of a website be structured logically in order to achieve a better ranking or even a page 1 placement?

If you want your website to be on page 1 on Google and stay there consistently, there is no way around a well thought-out structure and a long-term editorial plan. Structuring plays an important role because the ranking algorithms take the terms found in the main menu more into account. Therefore, when using content management systems, only those themes should be used that allow the creation of submenus on several levels. The example of a news portal that also reports on sporting events shows why this makes sense. There, the main point of sport could be divided into winter sports, water sports and indoor sports. A further breakdown of winter sports is downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing and ice skating. As a result, Google finds half a dozen terms that are thematically related on this line alone.

What role does the editorial plan play on the way to the first page of the Google SERPs?

This raises the question of how the ranking factor of freshness can be skilfully used all year round. Many internet agencies therefore use a trick for SEO. They integrate guides and/or glossaries into such websites. For example, in the sports page example, this could be: Introducing different types of ski bindings or other gear. It is important that the guides and glossaries are guaranteed to have a close thematic connection.

Compliance with legal requirements is a must for SEO!

On the technical side, another focus is on the security of the data stored by the users. For websites hosted in Europe, the minimum content includes the data protection declaration. In Germany there is also an imprint obligation. Of course, the ranking algorithms are also aware of these legal requirements. For several years it has been observed that only websites with a valid SSL certificate rank on the first page on Google. It should also be noted here that the common browsers display the lock symbol in different colors. Plugins for the browser (e.g. from some virus scanner providers) already integrate this symbol in the search results. Anyone who does not have an SSL certificate therefore prevents many potential users from clicking on their own website when the search results are displayed. The SSL certificate does not even have to incur additional costs, because a free copy is already included in many inexpensive server contracts.

Buy backlinks for SEO: Please avoid "link farms" if you want to achieve high rankings!

Again and again, website operators ask the question whether, after all the changes to the algorithms used by Google for ranking, it still makes sense to buy backlinks for search engine optimization. The answer requires a differentiated view. Some SEO agencies offer link packages with five or even ten links for a flat rate of 250 euros. Don't expect qualified links with ranking advantages at this price. Most often, these agencies use websites that fall under the term "link farm". All articles there contain at least two or three external links. This is exactly how the major search engines recognize websites that are operated solely for the purpose of selling links. Backlinks from such sites tend to have a negative effect on the ranking of the linked websites. 

How is the page 1 ranking in Austria and Switzerland?

Google actually works with the same algorithms worldwide. In the German-speaking area, i.e. also in Austria or Switzerland, the difference is insignificant differences for very specific search terms. This simply results from different designations of the individual trades or their pronunciation. Otherwise there are hardly any differences, so that WEBJOKER is able to bring websites from Austria or Switzerland to the first page or even to the 1st place.

What roles do RSS feeds and sitemaps play in getting to the first page?

Indispensable when it comes to landing on the first page of Google is the need to serve the crawler the new content “on a silver platter”, so to speak. This means that the crawler must not be locked out via robots.txt. If you want to make it easy for the AI, you have to submit a constantly updated sitemap, because this speeds up the indexing of new content. In the case of content management systems, this is done by the SEO plugins. However, not all plugins are suitable here, because many free versions do not update the sitemap with every change.

The registration of websites in RSS directories is doubly lucrative, because on the one hand it improves the visibility and on the other hand it generates interesting links. An RSS feed increases convenience for the user, because new content is presented to them very easily via the bookmarks in their browser. The RSS feed is therefore a good way to acquire a large number of returning users. With most themes for content management systems, it can be set up with a few mouse clicks. If that is not possible, it can be integrated with an SEO plugin.

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