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What advantages do I have with Google?

The benefit that the search engine Google offers is to be found by potential customers in order to be able to sell their goods or services better and faster. This has great advantages over other advertising measures.

The right listing in search engines –
Define catchment area

Depending on the offer that you offer customers and depending on the area around your own location that you can serve as a company with your services, you should also optimize for search engines. It makes little sense to be found in Hamburg if you only work in Munich. Even if this example seems exaggerated, it makes the subject more understandable.

So if you know how far you can expect customers to come to your shop and you know yourself how far you are willing to drive to customers, you can use the Search Engine optimization start and set you up in that space for google.

Also easy to find in nearby places on Google

Via the Google Business entry, which is automatically created by Google when you register a telephone connection, you will usually be found in your own location under your own name, possibly also under certain services that you have specified on your own homepage but also optimized. But mostly not in the surrounding areas. For this we offer the optimization of your homepage and our regional packages, through which in 200 to 7000 locations own regional pages to be created.

Use Google's Keyword Tool

Google's keyword tool can be used to analyze exactly which search terms are entered by the customer in which towns. This is also used to determine the relevant search terms for your homepage or, in the case of the regional packages, for the subdomains. WEBJOKER takes care of this for you after the order has been placed. Keyword analysis is a very important part of search engine optimization, because it doesn't help much if you are ranked number 1 in Google but this word is never searched for.

If you use the offers from Google professionally, you will win more new customers

In order to have advantages through Google, you should also be found far ahead. You shouldn't experiment here, but hire a professional Internet agency that adheres to Google's guidelines and does a good job in all respects, without making promises that aren't kept. Unfortunately, there are more black sheep than good SEO internet agencies, because every web designer claims to have mastered search engine optimization, with one having nothing to do with the other.

As in any trade, a high level of technical knowledge about the trade also makes for success on the Internet.

Not only good web designers work at WEBJOKER, but we have specialized mainly in search engine optimization. This does not only mean that the homepage is optimized. All the options that Google itself offers should be used here, whereby rules should be adhered to. Trust in our expertise and simply request an offer.

You finally want to enjoy the advantages of Google? Answer questions now!

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