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Good web design is important, but being found is the most important thing

When it comes to web design, tastes vary widely, which can be observed again and again on the most diverse websites. From state-of-the-art website design to older standards that can still be beautifully designed, there is something for every taste. What is important is the use of authentic images, meaningful texts and, above all, a very clear page structure, which makes it easy for the site visitor to find the desired service quickly.

In addition to an appealing web design, optimization for search engines is of course also very important, because without site visitors there is no turnover. Here, too, the solutions from WEBJOKER are almost unique and bring the desired success in the Online marketing.

The fallacy of most businesses and website owners is that the website has to look good in order to get customers. Unfortunately, you only get new customers if the customer finds the entrepreneur or his service in Google and other search engines. Of course, web design is important, because if a website looks attractive and serious, new business is more likely than with an outdated homepage.

The mirror reportedthat websites that are not suitable for mobile devices will be penalized in the future. The penalty here means that websites that offer a mobile view are placed before those that do not offer this function.

It's also perfectly clear, because without a mobile view you can hardly read anything on a smartphone, let alone find it, because the buttons are significantly too small. You will receive a new homepage from us, which is not only suitable for mobile use, but also offers a good-looking mobile view.

If the respective customer cannot provide their own pictures, that is not a problem. Via portals such as Fotolia, you can buy high-resolution photos that can be used without receiving warnings and are also very appealing. It is often better for a clear web design not to use your own photos, but to use professional pictures.

Web design: Constant trend changes are the standard

When the Internet replaced ARPANET, sophisticated web design was not yet an option due to the immature technology. The websites consisted of pure text ads. For all other elements, on the one hand, there were no corresponding standards at the beginning, and on the other hand, the usable rate of data transmission was not yet sufficient to display extensively illustrated websites.

That has now changed, because high data rates can even be used in mobile communications. Category 15 LTE enables up to 800 Mbit per second downstream and 225 Mbit per second upstream. In the area of ​​wired transmission, the spread of DSL connections in particular revolutionized web design, because right from the start, DSL routers offered a multiple of the transmission rate of a modem, even when operated on an analogue connection.

The possibilities that can be used in web design also depend on the development of the technical capabilities of the end devices used. The processor performance and the RAM play a role here, as does the maximum resolution of the displays. In addition, websites can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and even televisions. As a result, the demands on web design have grown steadily over the past two decades.

Search engine optimization also plays a role in web design

Today, internet agencies no longer have a choice, but have to take into account the requirements of search engine optimization in addition to the look and functionality of the web design. The programmers and web designers have to work hand in hand, because this is the only way to achieve short loading times. The browser should be able to preload and render larger files if possible. These functions are called preload and prerendering. The browser "guesses", so to speak, which content the user could call up in the next step. The use of the preload and prerendering function is particularly worthwhile if high-resolution images and videos are included in the design of the website. Then the web designer is responsible for the design and the programmer is responsible for ensuring that the display is displayed quickly.

In an internet agency, close cooperation is also necessary between the web designer and the SEO expert. The best photos, videos, and other illustrations mean nothing if search engine crawlers can't find them. Therefore, they require special tags and descriptions for visually impaired users, as well as display during retrieval and rendering. The tags and descriptions can be read by the Google AI and indexed for display in image search. This means that with a clever web design in combination with the SEO information, the traffic of a website can be increased in the long term.

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