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Web design alone is useless without good search engine optimization

Search engine optimization over the years

If you want to create a new homepage, you not only have to think about a good web design, but also ask yourself how you can get on the 1st page of the organic search results on Google. This is the only way to get solid visitor numbers and the chance to make a profit with a new website. Search engine optimization and the demands on web design are now so complex that hardly anyone can do without the support of an experienced internet agency.

What does an internet agency pay attention to
in web design?

Google is increasingly adapting the algorithms for sorting search results (also called ranking) to the changing habits of Internet users.

The shift in focus from the workplace computer to mobile end devices plays an important role here. This has already resulted in two so-called "Mobilegeddon" updates, the consequences of which are reflected in the demands on the web design. Designs for a new homepage or a re-release of an existing website must offer short loading times, even with the transmission rates in mobile communications, which are still low in at least some regions. This is only possible with a very lean source code and using all technical possibilities (e.g. the preload capabilities of the browser).

In addition, there is targeted user guidance. It is determined by the design of the menus and the avoidance of escape options on a shop page. Despite extensive menus, clarity must be maintained. This is where the fold-out “hamburger menus” and the menus that can be pushed in from the side (fly-in menus) are used. Micro-interactions are also becoming increasingly important. Another "playing field" in web design is the use of the psychological effect of geometric shapes, colors and illustrations. Only those who use all applicable factors in web design can achieve long residence times, which in turn also bring advantages in search engine optimization.

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