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What does search engine optimization cost?

SEO at unbeatable prices from 99,- per month.

How much does SEO optimization of a website cost?

The costs of professional search engine optimization vary greatly, since it depends on whether it is local optimization or Germany-wide SEO. Due to the high hourly rates for the programmers, it can be assumed that the costs will quickly increase to 800 per month. up to 2.000. 

However, thanks to the unique regional packages and the software developed by WEBJOKER, it has become possible to guarantee good findability within a certain radius of the company location from as little as 99 a month.

Without high-quality search engine optimization, neither websites nor online shops are profitable. That's a proven fact. It ensures that you should better ask yourself what solid sales and profits and maintaining your competitiveness on the Internet are worth to you. As a layman, do you want to invest a lot of time in moderate success with SEO or would you rather leave the very complex tasks to professionals and dedicate yourself to the continuous improvement of your products and services as well as the associated support?

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The cost of a professional search engine optimization to quantify without knowing the effort is difficult and would be dubious. The question here is also whether a new homepage needs to be created or whether it is simply a question of optimizing an existing homepage.

In order to be able to calculate a price at all, one must of course know how many subpages the homepage has, because search engine optimization is not only carried out on the homepage, but in each individual subpage.

SEO: Which terms are hidden behind the abbreviation?

The abbreviation SEO is derived from the English term Search Engine Optimization, which literally means search engine optimization. The interpretation as Search Experience Optimization has been established for some time. The literal translation is optimizing the search experience. However, it always makes sense to combine measures from both variants of the interpretation of the abbreviation. In this way you serve the technical requirements of the search engines as well as the wishes of your potential customers for a good user comfort of your website and your online shop.

Search engine optimization through link building: What's free?

Of course, it is best if your content is of such high quality that the operators of other websites give you backlinks voluntarily and free of charge. Most often this is done by citing your website as the source of the information processed. Backlinks from Wikipedia are still useful and free to get, but they've lost much of their importance for search engine optimization. It must therefore be decided on a case-by-case basis whether the effort involved in creating an article for the online encyclopedia is worthwhile or whether it is even possible given the operators' increasing quality requirements. The costs charged by the SEO agencies for this depend on the size of the article.

How Much Do Bought Links With Search Engine Optimization Benefits Cost?

Bought backlinks can definitely bring plus points for your own ranking. However, this requires a very careful selection of partner sites. The ratio of the number of outgoing backlinks in relation to the total number of articles published there plays an important role. The lower this quota and the better the website's ranking, the more expensive the purchased backlinks will be. For backlinks from really high-quality sites, you should plan at least 100 euros for a booking over 12 months. In some cases, surcharges are due for the integration of your photos and graphics or the integration of a YouTube video you have published. Basically, quality over quantity here. It is therefore better to buy a high-quality backlink at a reasonable price than to take the risk of a ranking downgrade with a flood of bought cheap links in search engine optimization!

Free link exchange campaigns are usually not useful for SEO!

The operators of many websites want to save money on off-page optimization and are looking for partners for a free link exchange. Extreme caution is required, because the algorithms of Google and Co. are now able to recognize such attempts at ranking manipulation. Clever website operators and SEO agencies therefore take a small detour. They arrange link exchanges with three or four participants. It is important to ensure that all those involved have a similar ranking and place high demands on the technical and content quality of their websites. For arranging link exchange transactions, the costs of SEO are significantly lower compared to pure link purchases.

What else can SEO cost?

Basically, the focus must be on W3C-compliant programming, fast loading times and barrier-free usability of the website content. In addition, websites and online shops should be accessible at all times. Good providers of server contracts guarantee this by providing web space in several server centers in different regions of the world. At the same time, this practice benefits the loading time by shortening the transmission paths. They usually don't charge extra for this. A must for every webshop and every website is the use of valid SSL certificates in the interest of security. Additional costs are not necessarily incurred, because one or more SSL certificates are already included in the monthly fees for numerous server contracts.

WEBJOKER offers SEO at fixed prices from 99 per month.

In order to avoid nasty surprises, it makes sense to agree a fixed price with the Internet agency that is to be commissioned with the search engine optimization. Here, the costs should be fixed for you as an entrepreneur beforehand, so that you do not have to pay additional, not inconsiderable costs afterwards that were forgotten in the offer. It should be clearly agreed how many sub-pages are to be edited or optimized. If you don't know for sure yourself, which wouldn't be unusual, ask the contractor about it. Tools can be used to quickly determine how many pages a website has registered with Google.

Cost overview for the creation
and optimization of individual locations

Region I

50 independent regional subpages on a subdomain or main page with contact page in 50 locations in the client's radius, optimized for 5-8 search terms from 1 trade

Region II

200 independent regional subpages on a subdomain or main page with contact page in 200 locations in the client's radius, optimized for 5-8 search terms from 1 trade

Region III

500 independent regional subpages on a subdomain or main page with contact page in 500 locations in the client's radius, optimized for 5-8 search terms from 1 trade

Region IV

Independent regional subpages on a subdomain or main page with contact page in 99% of all locations in the state from the client, optimized for 5-8 search terms from 1 trade

Do you have to buy new texts for SEO optimization or is good content available?

This is where the advice of the search engine optimizer you want to hire is required. He must be able to competently assess whether the texts used up to now are good for the search engine or whether new content needs to be included on the homepage. Here you can use companies that create professional texts. Accounting is usually done by words. These costs must be taken into account when determining the price for good search engine optimization, because without good content you will not achieve the desired success.

– Your advantage – WEBJOKER also bears the costs for new texts.

Costs for search engine optimization are often billed at an hourly rate

One looks in vain for price lists for search engine optimization on the Internet, because no Internet agency can simply write here - it will cost you so and so much. However, SEO programmers do not have low hourly rates, since search engine optimization has something to do with brains that you have to activate first. Logical connections must be recognized in order to structure the content of a website in a meaningful way and also to bring it into a readable form for search engines such as Google. Absolute logic must be applied here in order to be able to provide the customer with satisfactory results.

What is important in search engine optimization of the architecture of a website?

Again, there are half a dozen factors to which great importance must be attached. At the forefront is the need to make the content easily accessible to the search engine crawlers. The "disallow" specification should therefore not appear in the "robots.txt" file if possible. If this blocks the crawler, the content for the search results cannot be indexed because the crawler is not even allowed to look at it.

Everyone who deals with search engine optimization should also know the abbreviation AMP. AMP stands for the English term "Accelerated Mobile Pages". This allows the requirements to be met, which were introduced in the Google algorithms for sorting the search results for mobile devices with the so-called "Mobilegeddon" update in 2015. The AMP standard only allows restricted HTML. This means that not all possible information can be used for the award. The same applies to JavaScript and CSS.

Speed, URL and https are also part of on-page SEO - already included in the costs with WEBJOKER.

If a website is called up under a domain address with the prefix https, this means that all data exchanged between the user and the web server is encrypted. This is done using SSL technology. Only websites that can show a valid SSL certificate are given the https prefix. Another SEO factor to consider is the configuration of the URL. Google doesn't like unnecessary redirects and so-called hallway pages with pure link collections. The integration of advertising with pop-ups is also counterproductive for SEO.

Loading speed has been a “perennial” in search engine optimization for some time. It is primarily determined by the page architecture, which is joined by other influencing factors. This includes the compressed transmission of the data and the restriction to the resolution of graphics required for optimal display. At the moment (as of 2018), Google rates the loading time as optimal if it takes a maximum of four seconds from calling up a domain address to completely displaying the content of a website. But it can be assumed that Google will set ever stricter standards here in the future because the technology and the usable transmission rates continue to improve.

Be careful when using free tools for SEO monitoring! Cheap price but little success.

While there are many free SEO tools from other providers, users have to live with numerous limitations. Some of the data used is not up-to-date. Elsewhere, Facebook likes or Twitter likes are only taken into account if they are placed on the homepage. Caution is also advisable when assessing the Alexa ranking, for example. Countless websites recorded a massive slump here in autumn 2017. It was due to the fact that the ranking there only counts the accesses of users who installed a special plugin in their browser. Since the then released Quantum version of Mozilla Firefox, activation of the plugin is no longer possible. This means that the ranking values ​​provided by Alexa have been significantly distorted since then.

How to Check Search Engine Optimization Results?

The main criterion for permanent monitoring is the placement in the search results. This can be done by entering the most important search terms in the individual search engines. However, that would be very time consuming. Checking with the Google Search Console or the Webmaster Tools, which are provided by Microsoft for the Bing search engine, is much easier.

The Google Search Console offers the opportunity to display both the general ranking and the ranking separately for desktop computers, tablets and other mobile devices as well as for specific periods and countries. Whether the content is of interest to Google at all can be seen from the development of indexing and the crawl budget. The parallel use of Google Analytics is also interesting, although a special cookie notice is necessary for legal reasons. Google Analytics provides information on user behavior on the website. From this it can be determined, for example, which sub-pages/articles are accessed via the search results after arrival. From this data, the experts for search engine optimization receive information about which articles or subpages have the most exits.

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