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Is the meaning of the word SEO

What does SEO mean? Here definition & explanation

The word SEO means nothing more than the German word "search engine optimization" and is translated into English as search engine optimization advertised. SEO has the function of optimizing one's own homepage in the organic search in such a way that the homepage can be found under specific and desired search terms without having to pay advertising costs to the respective search engine operator.

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SEO optimization for organic search engine ranking

If you search for a specific term in Google, for example, advertisements appear in the upper area. These have nothing to do with SEO, because these are ads that you can place on Google for a fee. The organic ranking refers to the websites that appear under these ads under the term entered. This also includes the pages that are displayed regionally in Google Business (recognizable by the Website & Route button). However, these only appear in their own place or always in connection with the search word + place. The real organic search engine ranking then begins under the business entries. Here, too, one is often of the opinion that these companies pay Google, but this is a fallacy, since professional SEO has specifically improved the search engine ranking and the respective website has been positioned accordingly by the search engine operator for this reason.

This is not done by an employee of the search engine because he likes you as a company, but is based on clear algorithms used by the search engine robot. Unfortunately, there is no information material about it, you have to find out for yourself, which usually does not bring the desired success. Here it makes sense to hire a good internet agency that specializes in SEO and is well versed in the subject.

Let us show you references that show that this internet agency has already carried out Germany-wide SEO measures and campaigns, which can be used to understand the good ranking in the search engine. Make sure that the references are terms you are looking for and not search terms that are on the 1st page in Google but are not searched for at all. Then it would be easy to get to the 1st page in Google, but this is of no use.

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