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WordPress loading time too high?

Website loads very slowly

WordPress too slow? how to accelerate?

Who does not know that? One waits and waits and waits ... The desired website does not load or only partially loads. There are many possible reasons why this is the case. From your own slow Internet line to the server on which the website is located to the PC on which either the settings are wrong or which no longer works the way you imagine it due to data garbage.

WEBJOKER works with the most modern and fastest servers on customer sites. If you want to move your site to our servers, send us an email to: dm@webjoker.eu and you will receive a non-binding offer.

*The service is completely free of charge and non-binding for you.

We recommend the following steps to find the error and to achieve faster page construction and loading of WordPress

Local findability ensures regional customer acquisition


Test the speed of your internet line with a Speedtest. Compare the download and upload that is displayed to you with the speed that you have booked with your provider.

Since most people work with WiFi, this may already be the reason. The speed in the WLAN often deviates significantly from the speed that would come over an Ethernet cable. The optimal solution to get the full performance via W-Lan is here Google Wifi, the allegedly fastest W-Lan in the world. The advantage here is that you can connect several Google Wifis to each other, which means that you can optimally supply the whole house with W-Lan. Google Wifi usually gives the full power that is available on the router to the network.


Optionally or next, check the Page Speed the affected site, which may be responsible for the slow loading times.


Optimize that Storage behavior of your PC by 1 click

We have 5 files provided that are very easy to install. The installation is done by double-clicking and writes some values ​​to the regedit (registry), which solves some problems.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept liability for the installation.


Optimal automatic storage management and cleanups in the background

We also recommend the AVG Tuneup program as a cleaning program. If you buy a license here, you have the advantage that the program does the cleaning itself and you never have problems with a cluttered computer again. But even without Lizenz you can test the program for 30 days and use the full scope. As a rule, AVG corrects a few hundred errors the first time, which always amazes.


Increase & accelerate the loading speed and page structure of a WordPress website

Basically you can say that the loading time of a website depends on the speed of the server on which the page is installed. But what do you do if the server is very fast and the page still loads very slowly?

There are a variety of options and reasons why the page loads too slowly.

First you should test the speed of your homepage. Here is the tool: PageSpeed ​​Insights on. The test result shows the speed of a page for mobile devices and also for PC systems.

modular systems

With modular systems, there are hardly any possibilities to positively influence the speed.

The only option you have almost exclusively is to use an image compression tool to pre-optimize the images that are to be uploaded. The following tool is recommended here: https://optimizilla.com/de/

Up to 20 images can be uploaded in one go and loaded back onto the PC as a rar file. The optical size of the images is retained, but the file size is reduced by up to 90%, which of course significantly speeds up loading.

Unfortunately, there are no more options for modular systems.

Speed ​​up loading times in WordPress with an easy-to-use plugin

There are numerous options here. Non-functioning or outdated plugins can be an extreme brake here. Old images that were used on the site years ago but are no longer needed should be removed as soon as possible. The cache can be deleted via WP-Rocket, which can already improve the loading speed.

Images that are already on the server can be edited with the tool JCH Optimize easily compress to an optimal size. This alone sometimes brings an improvement of up to 70%.

Disable unnecessary WordPress plugins

Here, too, there is potential for optimization, because unnecessary plugins, which are loaded, also slow down the page. So simply deactivate everything that is not urgently needed.

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