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Here are some examples of TOP visibility on Google

Our goal is to make your business more visible on Google. About 70% of the time the search is entered with the additional entry of a location. That also seems logical, because you are looking for a roofer + location or a lawyer + location, for example. With numerous and most Services the seeker proceeds in this form. Depending on the desired radius around the company location, separate pages are created for the respective company. This means that a separate page is created for each city and town, which is not only optimized for the name of the company, but specifically for all relevant search terms.

And all without any click costs!

Example 1: foliebau.info

Keyword "pond liner + place"

An example that you can use to understand the system directly is the domain www.foliebau.info, under which pond liners and pool liners are marketed throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you type in Google "Pond liner Frankfurt“, you will find the foliebau.info page at number 1. Now you can exchange Frankfurt for any location in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and the foliebau.info page will always be on the 1st page, if not at number 1 Find. WEBJOKER optimizes your own company-relevant search terms for Google and the aim is that you will also be found more easily in your desired area.


Example 2: https://www.sabtec.info

Keyword "office container + location"

The Sabtec company is based in Bad Krotzingen and wanted to be found throughout Baden Württemberg and the outskirts of France.

Under "Office container Constance" you will find Sabtec under advertising at number 1 in the organic search on Google.

You can now exchange the location for almost any location in Baden Württemberg and you will find Sabtec on the 1st page.

Example 3: jagdschule-abt.de

Keyword "hunting school/hunting license + location"

The Abt hunting school is based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart. The aim here was to optimize the word hunting school and hunting license for every location in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate.

Under "Get a hunting license in Trier" you will find the Jagdschule Abt on the first page in Google. Now you can change the location in the said federal states and you will usually find the Jagdschule Abt on page 1 and in the first places.

About the query site:jagdschule-abt.de see how many places are online and indexed in google.

WEBJOKER search engine optimization

Great internet agency! My website is found much better than before. Thanks to WEBJOKER I have already been able to win a number of new orders.

The employees are very nice and dedicated. You are in good hands here!

Only to be recommended!

Martin Lang real estate

Real Estate Agents

Bad Wimpfen, December 12.12.2018, XNUMX

Dear family Mieth,

The print edition of the free parenting newspaper Zappelino has now existed for over 16 years in the Heilbronn area and for almost 5 years in the Hohenlohe, Mosbach and Sinsheim areas with a total circulation of 22.000 copies. It all started 17 years ago with the online presence www.zappelino.de.

After the response to the print edition was overwhelming and was and is gradually being expanded, the website led a rather neglected existence for many years: until your internet agency WEBJOKER came into play, which is responsible for the fact that the site is now booming! 

Your agency has not only designed the homepage in a timely manner that is visually very appealing as well as clear and uncomplicated to use: thanks to the large number of sub- and regional pages, you have ensured that the pages have been heavily frequented ever since. Numbers of over 1.000 clicks a day are not uncommon, which is why advertising partners have recognized that it is worthwhile placing their ad on the Zappelino website. I keep getting positive feedback on the design of the website. In addition, press releases are sent daily from all sides with the request to publish them promptly on the Zappelino website, which can be placed quickly and easily with pictures thanks to the uncomplicated operation. An investment that has proven to be worthwhile in the long term. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for that.

I am happy to recommend you and your company at any time and with full conviction. 

With heartfelt thanks and fidgety greetings

parent magazine

I am very satisfied with the WEBJOKER team! I couldn't believe it would work, I tried it and it far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you for the good and continued good cooperation. Here the CUSTOMER is KING

foil technique

Südwestbank AG

5 comments on “References”

    Delitzsch, August 17, 2020

    Dear Ms. Mieth, Dear Mr. Kühne,
    After four years of successful cooperation, we would like to thank you today.
    During our first conversation in July 2016, we weren't quite sure how the whole thing was supposed to work. Now success has you - but above all, of course
    us, right.

    We are now always at the forefront of goog/e and for this reason have the corresponding demand. But it is still very important to mention that we could always turn to you if
    we had questions or changes. Here's to a further, long-term and good cooperation!

    Mit den besten Grüßen
    Dipl. - Wirts. - Jur.
    Matthias Müller

  2. Expert office Barbara Koch

    Dear Webjoker team,
    Now that I've been able to gain experience with you for around 2 years, I can only say: great!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I get inquiries and orders on a scale that I could only dream of before. And I'm found by customers I would never have gotten to otherwise - church institutions, global corporations, non-profit organizations and many private individuals.
    To be honest, I didn't expect that to the extent 😉 and I'm completely satisfied with you and your service.
    Please continue!
    Sincerely yours, Barbara Koch

  3. Thomas Frick – Expert

    Dear Mr. Kühne, dear Webjoker team, I just want to say THANK YOU!!! As an independent and freelance motor vehicle expert, it is very important for me to have a good internet presence so that I can be easily found on the internet. This makes it possible for me to generate new customers. About 18 months ago, your colleague Mr. Weissbach was our guest in the Götz von Berlichingen chapter in Mosbach. We made an appointment and after a short conversation I decided to go the way with you and the Webjoker company. In the meantime, a few months have passed and I was able to stop numerous advertising measures because I am now gaining enough customers via the Webjoker pages.

  4. The Webjoker internet agency has been our online marketing partner for almost 3 years now. We avoided the topic of "online marketing" for a long time, but then decided to have a presence after the nice explanation given by Mr. Grümmer. The whole process went smoothly and we have been visible on the internet ever since. When the regional campaign with Webjoker was then switched on, we achieved the best rankings among our company services in our desired region. Thank you for this and keep it up! Your team from http://www.rohrfrei-schnitzler.com.

  5. I've had my new Webjoker website for over a year and I'm very satisfied all round. Above all, good accessibility is a basic requirement for a business relationship, which is absolutely guaranteed here. My website is constantly praised by customers and since then I've also been found very well in Google, which constantly brings me new customers. Just keep going!!!

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