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PC-Service Heilbronn & repair of computers / cleanup

PC service via team viewer

WEBJOKER offers PC help via Teamviewer. The computers are often renewed after just a few years, although this is not necessary.

Phone: 07132 308 99 53
Email: info@webjoker.biz
Austrasse 141
74076 Heilbronn

A PC cleanup really works wonders

Experience has shown that a PC is not broken just because it is slow or Loading websites slowly. Over time, you simply installed numerous unnecessary programs, either yourself or through additional software that you forgot to click off. This is how a PC fills up itself over months or years. The result:

  • Slow start
  • Internet takes a long time
  • Programs no longer load or not fast enough
  • etc ....

All these things can be cleaned up so that the computer runs better than the first day after purchase.

Our service: Connection to your computer via Teamviewer

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