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Frequently asked questions from our customers

Are you a customer of WEBJOKER and have a question about the contract or the website we have created? Here we try to competently answer questions that are repeated regularly in everyday life.

I have a contract for regional
Search engine optimization at WEBJOKER

1. When will the pages be completed?

As soon as you have concluded a contract with WEBJOKER for a regional package, the programming begins immediately afterwards. For this purpose, professional texts are ordered, which usually reach us after 1-2 weeks. Now these texts can be converted into SEO texts that are used in the regional pages.

At the same time, we usually adopt the basic design of the existing homepage into the regional pages.

Full completion takes about 4-6 weeks from signing a contract. As long as everything is as planned.

2. When will the first monthly amount be debited?

Please refer to your contract for this. It is usually noted there when the direct debits begin.

3. Why has it already been debited if it has not yet been completed?

(See 2.) If a fixed date for a direct debit has been agreed, it may well be that a debit has already taken place and the pages are not yet completed. Don't worry, our 4-6 week completion schedule has never been exceeded.

4. When will I be found in the intended locations?

Completion of the regional pages is not synonymous with findability. 20% of the pages go online directly, then more predetermined pages every day. In order to be able to reach the desired number of agreed pages quickly, you as a customer usually receive more regional pages than agreed as an additional free service from WEBJOKER.

If the pages are online, it does not mean that they can be found directly in Google. The reason for this is that the WWW cannot be equated with a search engine or Google. Here, the pages first have to be read in, which takes from days to a few weeks.

5. Is the organic ranking improving or will the position remain?

Google is something that requires time investment. The ranking improves constantly with good search engine optimization, which WEBJOKER offers its customers. Pages found initially on the 2nd or 3rd page should always come forward.

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