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An error has occurred in the secure channel support (12157) / Banking software such as S-Firm 3.2

The HBCI dialogue was canceled because of a
aborted due to transmission error.

Internet connection: https://fints.netbank-money.de/fints/
Encoding: base64

WinHttp error code: 'Send Failed' (0x80072f7d, 12157).

Error text from Windows: 'An error has occurred in the secure channel support'

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an encryption protocol for secure data transmission on the Internet. SSL 3.0 was replaced by TLS 1999 in 1.0 and is considered obsolete, but is often still supported by browsers and web servers for reasons of compatibility. However, attackers can use the vulnerability to obtain confidential data or manipulate data during transmission.

By the way, POODLE is short for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption.
Source: Federal Office for Information Security

For these reasons, the SSL encryption protocol will be disabled by most banks in week 43 2014.


windata banking software works with the Internet settings that are stored in the options of Windows Internet Explorer. This change must therefore be adjusted in the Windows Internet Explorer settings.


Make the menu bar visible first! (Right click and show menu bar)


Show internet options 


Select the advanced tab


Scroll down to TSL


Set TLS as visible setting

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