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Google's switch to the new Google Plus system in 2013-2014 had negative consequences for many Google Maps entries, but also positive ones for the future. The possibility of selecting different industries and also being able to choose between several industry names to match the company name, an extensive description (previously 200 characters, now over 1.000), a large number of images (previously up to 10 images) make the Google Plus entry itself a small website, which can also be optimized in a targeted manner. Here, too, we had to gain experience for a long time in order to be able to carry out professional optimization here as well.

Existing Google entry for editing
Activate and request PIN

Every company gets a Google Business entry on Google. Initially, it is created automatically by taking over the address data from the Yellow Pages, which takes place several times a year. However, the transfer can only take place if there is a telephone book entry for the company. If you start your business as a side business at home and use existing telephone connections that were previously private, you will not get a Google Business entry, what the Search Engine optimization difficult.

You should therefore first check whether such an entry exists. Search for your family name in connection with your location or use the name of the company. Sometimes this already works in connection with your name with the service and the location. However, research intensively, since creating this entry twice can in turn have a negative effect on the optimization for Google.

Once you find such a listing, sign in with a Google account and now claim ownership. This is the easy way. If there is no Google entry, this must be newly created will. You will receive a verification PIN in the mail within a few days.

Now the Google Business entry can be optimized for the Google search engine. To do this, enter a meaningful company name that may already contain the main service in the name. You can then select various extra services via the industry tab, which then also apply as search terms for the search engine.

Unfortunately, this is not enough, because for some time now, Google has not only attached importance to a well-optimized business entry, but also takes a look behind the scenes. In plain language, this means that the homepage entered in the entry is read to the furthest corner by Google. The problem with this: If your homepage is not found, your business entry will not be found either.

To activate or obtain authorization to edit your Places entry, you must have a Google email account, which you can either create with a newly chosen name (e.g. Mustermann@gmail.com) or use an existing one of your own E-mail address with which you can also log into the account later.

Get to the first page in just a few steps

*The service is completely free of charge and non-binding for you.

Google email account

After creating the Gmail account, look for your own entry, click on the Google Maps page, which opens the page and you come to a PIN request via the button "Edit company entry" via 1-2 additional tabs, which can either be made by phone is offered or by sending a postcard with a PIN. This 5-digit PIN is then entered (by post approx. 10 days - telephone immediately) to confirm the entry. Now the Google Places entry is editable and optimisable.

The reason why we advise against doing the optimization yourself is not that we would not earn any money that way, but that you have to test for a long time whether the optimization was correct, whether you can be found under the desired search terms, etc.

Leave this work in the hands of professionals and take care of what really matters, namely your own business. After all, you don't usually paint your house or cut your own hair either. There are experts for every trade, just like you are an expert in your field.

The right choice of name for the Google Plus entry

An unedited entry is usually immediately recognizable if no website is stored in the entry, no opening hours are announced and no other information is offered. The choice of name for your company must be meaningful. For economic reasons, we do not want to go into further details here. The original name of the entry is taken from the Yellow Pages by Google and may well be wrong in the meantime. This gives you the option of readjusting the name or correcting it if it is incorrect.

Your Google Account and Youtube - connections and advantages

If you have a Google account login, you automatically also have a YouTube account. Company videos, videos about the goods and services offered and the link to your own homepage are also an important part of the optimization work. Here, too, we are at your side for an extra charge and are happy to take over the optimization for search engines.

  • Discuss the benefits to be advertised
  • Determine the highest traffic using the Google Keyword Tool
  • Analyze existing homepage or new website on it
  • Adjusting the existing website for the best keywords
  • Or professional creation of the new presence with new keywords
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