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service the WEBJOKER SEO agency from Heilbronn/Untereisesheim

Our service contract customers, who have their homepage optimized by us, enjoy these advantages.

  • No separate costs other than monthly fixed service fee
  • Free IT support and support via Teamviewer
  • web design & Search Engine optimization inklusive
  • Own PC workshop

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The main focus should not only be on the creation of the homepage, but also on good search engine optimization

The WEBJOKER internet agency from Heilbronn / Untereisesheim is an innovative advertising agency that specializes in online solutions for customer acquisition. The WEBJOKER specialism is always on the regional search engines / Google optimization.

Whether you are a start-up or a medium-sized company, we offer promising jobs in all areas Complete solutions at unbeatable prices and without any one-off costs.

Hosting for existing websites
Website redesign
Optimization of existing websites
Increase in regional presence
Search engine optimization for Google

Online marketing is clearly overtaking print media

Online marketing is the most important aspect for companies to generate sales. Which form of marketing you choose depends on the product, the catchment area of ​​the customers and the logistics of bringing goods and services to the "man".

With online marketing, the path to marketing is clear. A product or service is to be sold over the Internet. However, the corporate structure can make several forms of marketing necessary, so that you place advertisements in newspapers, put up advertising banners on streets, well-frequented facilities or in sports clubs as a sponsor, distribute flyers or even sell your goods online.

In online marketing, a distinction is made between search engine marketing and search engine optimization (meaning SEO) for your own homepage. Search engine marketing is, for example, the tool Google Adwords. Here the search engine Google offers to appear in the front places by paying. Here is a selection of search terms that are relevant for the entrepreneur and through which a customer is directed to their own homepage in order to possibly make a purchase there.

The costs for a new homepage only amount to monthly service fees

With WEBJOKER, you only have to pay monthly costs without having to invest thousands of euros in creating a homepage and that with a basic term of just 12 months. Then you decide for yourself whether our service has brought the desired Internet success or not.

From as little as 89 per month you will receive a complete company website with a mobile view, without having to pay a single fee. The basic term is only 1 months with a monthly extension.

Numerous own web projects speak for themselves and the monetary success also confirms the success of the SEO measures carried out, whether in new homepages that are offered or in existing homepages that are subsequently optimized. For companies these days, this area has become so important because you can achieve significant increases in sales via the web.

The local findability among your services is the beginning of success

The WEBJOKER regional packages can actually be described as a unique offer. Why it is like that? Very easily! Depending on the towns in which you offer your services, we create a small website for you and your company in exactly these places. At the moment the packages I – II – III – VI are offered. The advantage is that each of these homepages is optimized for your services in connection with the respective locations.

Here it is by no means a priority that you can be found easily with your name, but with the offers of your company. If a potential customer is looking for your service, your page should appear even though your company is not based in this location. This is how you direct the prospective customer to your site and since you also offer goods or services in this location, the customer will also take advantage of your offer.

An attractive web design is also important for the site visitor

What is webdesign?

When most people hear the word designer, they probably think of a fashion designer like Karl Lagerfeld or Wolfgang Joop, but a web designer usually doesn't deal with fashion, but with the design of advertising. Graphic design is the creation of content in a visual form for a variety of media and the purpose of its presentation is to communicate something to people. Both technical and artistic means are used for the design and every graphic designer is always an artist with his own style.

Ea form of communicationiondesigns

In earlier times, a typographer, a printer, a graphic artist, a designer and a typesetter were often the same person. Today, design, visual communication and graphics are a subgroup of what is known as communication design. The actual graphic design is firmly linked to the diverse requirements of modern society, with a focus on public relations and advertising. But graphic design is also a communication task in science and the world of culture.

Web designer is even a job title

The profession of web designer is not a protected job title, but rather a special field that is summarized under the collective term designer. A graphic designer differs from the job description of the industrial designer as well as the fashion and photo designer, a web designer also has other tasks in his professional life. Anyone who has an academic degree can call themselves a graduate designer, but for this title they must have successfully completed a technical college.

For the classic print media

Graphic design can be found in books as well as in magazines, on posters, in maps and also in brochures. Since the 1980s, graphic design has increasingly been used in electronic media. The fields of activity in the field of graphic design include typography as well as illustration, photography and print graphics. In modern advertising as well as in branding, graphic design has become indispensable.

Not only graphic forms are important for good web design

Classic web design has long since ceased to be limited to the design of graphic forms; audiovisual communication is now a well-established term when it comes to graphic design. In an advertising agency, a graphic designer is responsible for the graphic implementation of advertising messages. He implements what the art director or the so-called creative director has previously developed for a customer. Even if the graphic designer is not responsible for the actual idea of ​​an advertisement, it is his artistic skills that ultimately make a good advertisement. If you want to get more involved and learn this profession, you can here provide detailed and detailed information, learn techniques and also try them out.

A company that is in Google or online
is not found does not exist - WEBJOKER Heilbronn solves the problem.

Search engine optimization is more relevant than ever. Almost every entrepreneur has already been asked about this and the statement is repeated again and again: "You won't be found properly in Google!", because Google is the measure of all things. Hardly any SEO internet agency talks about other search engines, because the market shares of other search portals are hardly worth mentioning.

But what does it actually mean to be found correctly and well?

There are several factors that play a role in answering this question. Can you not be found with your company under the name or only in connection with the respective location? Are you not found among the services you offer? Are you not found under search terms in your location and area? You can continue the list of questions here endlessly without coming to a conclusion.

What can plus points at the
Search engine optimization for the town of Heilbronn can be achieved?

First of all, it is worth knowing that SEO is divided into two basic areas. The term on-page optimization summarizes all measures that are carried out on the website itself or on the associated web servers. Off-page optimization includes all measures that have an external or external effect.

On-page optimization is in turn divided into the sub-areas of content, architecture and source code. There are at least half a dozen SEO factors to consider when it comes to content alone. The quality of the content and the use of the terms under which the website is to be found require the greatest attention. When it comes to quality, the focus is on enriching it with well-researched facts. User habits should be taken into account when selecting search terms. There is a very big difference between voice searches from mobile devices and entering search terms with the keyboard of a workstation computer. This means that a thorough analysis of the target groups to be addressed is required.

Three other factors affect the search engine optimization for content with a medium value. A website should provide the answers to the questions that visitors ask most frequently. In short, content should meet user expectations. Of course, the facts mentioned in the content must also be up-to-date, because nobody benefits from out-of-date information. The third SEO factor in content is variety. It is not sufficient to limit oneself exclusively to a verbal presentation for every topic dealt with. Examples of topics where it makes sense to add photos and videos are the fitness area, travel worlds and pages with cooking recipes.

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